It has been updated how the cases in which a user participates as a viewer are displayed, to adapt it to the definition of what a viewer is, a user who is notified that a user has issued a case to a recipient, but who is not the recipient of the same.

In this way, in the case of a suitcase with multiple recipients, the viewer saw ONE suitcase in his tray, and now he will see the multiple suitcases, each with its recipient, so that he will have the knowledge of the management that he actually does each recipient.

The viewer cannot interact with these bags (move them to the history, nor does accessing them mean that they are read, nor can they return them), they will simply be able to see what the recipient has done about them (e.g. if the recipient moves the suitcase in the history, in the viewer tray it will also move, since what they see is the original suitcase).

This set of changes can cause the number of suitcases that a user finds in the trays to be modified compared to what was seen until the date of the change (17/10), without this implying any kind of incidence, simply that the suitcases are located in the archive of the corresponding tray, or that more suitcases appear because we are viewers of multiple suitcases, or that they are in the history tray because the recipients have taken this action.