In order to access the service for the first time, the following points must be taken into account:

1. Technical requirements of the service

You must have a web browser with Internet access and have Java version 1.5 or higher installed. The service is guaranteed for the following browsers:

  • Firefox 4 or higher.
  • Google Chrome.

2. Scope of application

The electronic wallet (e-Valisa) is a tool for personal use, that is to say, it can be used by each and every public employee who meets the following minimum requirements:

2.1. That he is registered with the Corporate Directory of the Generalitat (DC) and has an informed email .

  • In the eValisa there is no user management, it can be used for the simple fact of being in the DC.
  • When making a suitcase, both the issuing person and the recipient of the suitcase are identified (in this sense, the recipient of a suitcase must have a user in the GICAR Corporate Directory with an informed email address).

The procedure for registering an organization in the DC is as follows:

  • The registration of an organization in the DC must be approved by the Public Service.
  • The person in charge of the Identity Manager (Identity Manager) of the organization must register the people in their organization in the DC.

2.2 . General criteria for use of the eValisa:

The eValisa is an inter-administrative communication tool that can be used by the following bodies:

Administration of the Generalitat.

Autonomous bodies and autonomous entities of the Administration of the Generalitat.

Related or dependent public law entities.

We in which the Generalitat participates, directly or indirectly, in 100% of its capital or patrimonial fund.

Bodies that are not part of this subjective area could carry out their inter-administrative communications through the processing services of the EACAT platform. However, we would recommend a more careful analysis of these entities based on the criteria indicated below.

The second criterion that is established is that relating to the object or content of the communication of the processing that is to be carried out. In relation to this criterion, it must be remembered that it is a tool for inter-administrative relations and, therefore, the content of the communications made with eValisa, must be framed in the public functions and powers exercised by the public entity or body.

3. Access to the service

In order to facilitate the use of this service, access can be made from different places or environments:
  • Corporate portal of the ATRI public employee.
  • OIAD Electronic Administration Portal.
  • Departmental intranets.
  • Portal of the extranet of the Catalan administrations EACAT.
  • By means of a direct link from the e-mail received for a suitcase notice.- The user who is the recipient of an electronic suitcase will receive an e-mail informing him of this fact. In this email there is a link that will lead to direct access to the service.
To use the electronic wallet, the user must authenticate with ATRI's corporate username and password, or GICAR, but express authorization is not required.