Once you are familiar with the eValisa, we recommend that you go to the Configuration section to configure your suitcase according to your needs. Specifically, there are 3 points that you can configure:

  1. If you have a digital certificate, e.g. ex. a T-CAT, and you want to sign your suitcases with it, you can check the option Always activate the option send "with my T-CAT" so that by default the option With my T-CAT appears checked every time you create a new suitcase
  2. What email notices do you want to receive and how often?
  3. Who are the collaborators who will help you manage your suitcase.

Once you have finished configuring your suitcase, you must click the Save changes button to confirm the changes.

Configure Alerts:

As explained in the Notices section, there are several types of events that we consider not critical and that you can decide if you want to receive the corresponding notice:

  • When the recipient user (or one of their collaborators) reads a suitcase you sent them.
  • When the deadline for reading a suitcase that you have sent expires and the recipient user (or one of his collaborators) has not read it.
  • When one of your collaborators prepares a suitcase for you to approve.
  • When one of your collaborators directly sends a suitcase on your behalf.
  • When a holder with whom you collaborate sends a suitcase that we have prepared for him and saved for his approval.

For each of these types of events, you will have a drop-down menu to indicate the frequency with which you want to receive it: Immediately , Daily Summary (every night you will receive a single email with all the events that happened during that day), Weekly Summary ( the morning of every Sunday to Monday you will receive a single email with all the events that have happened during that week) or not receive it at all .

Set up contributors:

If you have a collaborator to help you manage your suitcase, you will have to indicate it. To do this, you will need to click the Add Contributors button. This option will open the Corporate Directory search engine so that you can locate your collaborator(s). The operation of the Corporate Directory is explained in the Search users in the Corporate Directory section of this website.

Once you have selected your collaborators, you can configure 2 options for each of them:

  • Whether or not you allow the collaborator to access the wallets that he did not create. If this option is not enabled, then the scope of the collaborator is restricted only to those suitcases that he has created directly, blocking access to your received suitcases or the suitcases prepared by your other collaborators.
  • If you allow the collaborator to directly send suitcases on your behalf, without your explicit approval.

By default these 2 options are disabled.

suitcase 22


Here we show you the users with whom you are collaborators, with the option to disassociate yourself when you no longer need the collaboration relationship between both users, either because the position has ceased to be a user of the tool, or because the unit has changed, etc.

To unlink, simply click the button highlighted in this image:

Create recipient groups:

In order to make the task of sending parcels to multiple recipients on a regular basis easier, we can create groups of recipients, so that, once created, in the " To:" section of creating parcels, all we need to do is start to write the name of the group and the predictive text will appear, in the same way that it works as a reminder when we indicate recipients to whom we have previously sent suitcases.

Add signature footer:

If we want a text to appear by default in the Content section of our suitcases, we must indicate this in this section. This can be useful in case you usually want the contents of your suitcases to bear your name, title and department, for example.


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